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At Pentair Union Engineering all customers and all needs are important. We supply some of the world’s largest capacity CO2 plants that deliver high quality CO2 to a large merchant consumer base, and we supply smaller cost competitive CO2 plants that are placed strategically near major consumers.

We always provide the most superior technology to recover CO2 whether the raw gas originates from rich, medium, or low concentration CO2 sources.

Regardless of the source our plants are designed to produce gaseous or liquid CO2 meeting the most stringent quality requirements within the industrial gases industry.

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High purity CO2 sources

Low power consumption and high recovery rate
A high purity raw gas source has a CO2 concentration that ranges from 80% and up to 99,9%. High concentration sources are the most widely used sources for CO2 production and typically originates from:

  • Ethanol production
  • Ammonia production
  • Hydrogen production
  • Ethylene production
  • Gasification
  • Natural gas sweetening

The main advantage of a high concentration source is the lower amount of impurities that have to be removed in the purification process often resulting in very low power consumption and operating cost in general.

The often critical impurities found in some of the above-mentioned sources can be efficiently removed using our proprietary purification technologies. All of our technologies use a minimum of resources guaranteeing you a sustainable CO2 plant.

Medium purity CO2 sources

Pure improvement of solutions
Medium CO2 purity raw gas is mainly found in Hydrogen Manufacturing Units (HMU).

A medium purity source, i.e. the tail gas from the PSA, contains CO2 in the range of 30-77%. Our patented FlashCO2 technology turns this gas to high purity liquid CO2 and further improves the overall HMU capacity by up to 15%.

FlashCO2 has proved extremely energy efficient and compared to other technologies, like MDEA extraction, it eliminates steam consumption.

Moreover, retrofit of a FlashCO2 process plant in an existing HMU facility is uncomplicated. Only tie-in point will be at the tail gas pipe and thereby you avoid any operation and process impact on the existing HMU.

This ”end-of-the-pipe-solution” will even allow locating the CO2 process plant off the refinery site.

Low purity CO2 sources

From low purity to highest purity
Low CO2 purity raw gas sources, with a CO2 concentration of less than 35%, requires an upgrading unit to make it feasible for further purification and liquefaction.

By utilizing our unique amine-based absorption and stripping technologies we can turn a low purity raw gas into a 99%+ high-quality CO2 gas, ready for further purification and liquefaction to food and beverage grade quality.

At Pentair Union Engineering we offer extraction of CO2 from:
  • Fossil fuel-based flue gases
  • The sweetening of natural gas streams
  • Syngas streams
  • Other low CO2-containing sources.

For gases with low partial CO2 pressure, we utilize one of our mono ethanol amine-based technologies. For flue gases, we typically use the advanced amine technology that tolerates up to 15% oxygen concentration in the raw gas. With an amine concentration at 4 times higher than traditional designs, this ensures the lowest possible operating cost.

For gases with a high partial CO2 pressure as natural gas stream, we apply adsorption technologies typically based on MDEA.

All plants are customized to meet specific needs.

We have more than 350 references on different sources such as:
  • Lime kiln
  • Gasturbines
  • Waste to energy
  • Power plants