“Our mission: Through our process knowledge and innovation we provide engineered solutions and services that contribute to our customers competitiveness and reduce environmental impact.”

Turning your CO2 challenges into pure CO2nfidence

Pentair Union Engineering is a world-class engineering company, specialized in sustainable technologies for capturing, recovering, and purification of carbon dioxide and headquartered is in Denmark.

Our main activities are engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance of modular and individually designed CO2 plants.

With more than 1000 CO2 plants delivered throughout the last 30 years, installations in 110 countries, and a wide range of unique patents we have become a trusted leader in the industry.

We provide exceptional services and advanced technical knowledge within all steps of a project, ensuring the highest level of quality and satisfaction.

New ideas & standards

With a clear idea of the long-term challenges our world faces - from the need for more efficient production facilities to new levels of sustainable usage - we deliver CO2 solutions to a variety of industries around the world. This includes:

  • Industrial gases.
  • Biogas upgrading.
  • Oil and gas, mining, cement.
  • Power and renewable energy.
  • Breweries, soft drink, food, and desalination industry

Our subsidiaries in China, and the USA and a global network of agents combined with onsite workshops make it possible for us to give a focused approach adapted to customer needs - no matter where no matter the industry.

Dedicated people

Everything we do is based on knowledge, curiosity and a passion to do better. This work ethic has been with Union Engineering since the very beginning in 1933 and it has brought the company to where it is today.

On the back of more than 80 years of experience, we have a history of questioning the status quo and of reliable solutions by dedicated people.

Our history

Union Engineering a/s has been in the CO2 business since 1933. Over the years we have served the world's leading brewery and soft drinks groups, industrial gases groups and Desalination projects, and we have been owned by some of the leading industrial gases companies.

This history has greatly influenced our values and given us an in-depth understanding of what is important to our customers.

The focus on optimizing CO2 processing since Union was established in 1933 made us the market leader within CO2 technology.

Founding of A/S Kulsyre- og Tørisfabrikken Union (GB: "Carbon Dioxide and Dry Ice Factory Union Ltd.")
Union Construction is established as a division of Union a/s
Union is acquired by British Oxygen Company (BOC)
Union is acquired by Norsk Hydro Danmark a.s.
Union Construction a/s is separated as an independent limited company and acquired by Union Industries.
Union Construction a/s opens representative office with service in Shanghai, China
Union Construction a/s starts subsidiary in Brazil with service support on the South American continent
The name is changed to Union Engineering a/s
Opening of subsidiary in Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Opening of the second US office in New Jersey
Capidea acquires Union Engineering a/s, Fredericia, in co-operation with the management team and former shareholders
Opening of Union Oil & Gas office in Utrecht, Netherlands
Acquisition of the U.S. based The Wittemann company
Acquired by Pentair