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Turn your CO2 waste stream into profit
Reduce your emissions
Capitalize on CO2 by-product

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Capture and utilize valuable CO2 

Don’t let your CO2 by-product stream become a waste gas vented into the atmosphere. Worldwide demand for CO2 is growing for use in beverage carbonation, food preservation, or when creating fertilizers, for example.  Opportunity awaits commercializing this waste gas through purification in a CO2 recovery plant. 

Patented CO2 purification technology

Pentair CO2 Scrub is an innovative purification solution that maintains product quality at varying feed gas compositions. 

Our patented technology removes impurities at a high boiling point, including aromatic components, alcohols, oxygenates, terpenes, and some sulfur components, as is typically present in gasses from fermentation, anaerobic digestion, and some industrial processes. Compared with other CO2 purification solutions that use drinking water as the purification medium, Pentair CO2 Scrub is a water-free purification solution, helping to reduce its impact on our environment. 

Commercial opportunity awaits to produce food-grade quality CO2 while sustainably reducing your emissions.

Pentair CO2Scrub 1.0 & CO2Scrub 2.0

Pentair CO2 Scrubber technology is available in two forms: Pentair CO2Scrub 1.0 and 2.0. The difference lies in the removal capabilities of different compounds within the CO2

CO2Scrub 1.0CO2Scrub 2.0


  • Eliminates impurities with a boiling point above – 30 degrees Celsius. 
  • Efficient carbonyl sulfide (COS) removal
  • Configured as a packed column to minimize the amount of liquid CO2 used in the scrubbing process. 
  • Losses of liquid CO2 are minimized by re-boiling.

CO2 capture plant process flow diagram


  • Minimizes the need for carbon filters, water scrubbers, and other purification steps. 
  • Energy optimized. 
  • Flexible process to adapt to varying impurity levels, also after installation
  • Excellent system for final CO2 polishing
  • Possible replacement of regenerable activated carbon beds
  • Possible replacement of water scrubber nits
  • Continuous replacement of absorbent - not needed.
  • Tolerant for varying hydrocarbon content in the raw gas
  • No use of additional external sources is eliminating the risk of contamination
  • Reduced amount of waste
  • No use of water



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