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NOxFlash Polisher

The Pentair NOxFlash replaces the traditional use of scrubbing with Potassium Permanganate (PPM) in your CO2 production plant. Ideal solution – unaffected by variations - in fuel composition or combustion that is out of specification.

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NOxFlash Polisher is a process-driven solution. It does not need filters and absorbents, which are sensitive to contamination or potassium permanganate for scrubbing. It is both cheaper and better for the environment. Used in combination with the PUR distillation column, NOxFlash also reduces the amount of aromatic hydrocarbon in the final product.

The NOxFlash technology is the result of an innovative approach to process design and has been proven in our installations since 2006. It is a purely process technical solution without use of filters or absorbents, which will always be sensitive to contamination.

All Pentair generating plants are based on the latest technologies, including NOxFlash and PUR-D.

The NOxFlash technology is patented.


  • More plant up-time
  • No hazardous handling of chemicals
  • No environmental impact and water consumption from use of PPM
  • Significant savings on operational expenditure and changed capital expenditure
  • Reduced MEA consumption
  • Benzene and aromatic hydrocarbon abatement
  • Reduced O2 content in the final product when combined with Pentair Union Engineering purification system (PUR-D)
  • Ultra-pure CO2 product


The plant is based on the combustion of fuel in an MEA heater equipped with a burner. After the combustion, the flue gas will have a CO2 content of 10-14% v/v and will exit the MEA heater at a temperature of approximately 250°C.

After cooling and scrubbing, the gas is led via an exhauster through an absorber, in which the gas flows counter-current to the MEA solution flow. By chemical reaction, the MEA solution absorbs the CO2 from the flue gas. The MEA solution containing the absorbed CO2 (referred to as rich MEA solution) is first pressurized and heated in a heat exchanger and then led to the NOxFlash column. Here most of the contaminants are removed from the rich MEA solution by flashing to the absorber pressure.

A stream of CO2 and steam is added to the bottom of the NOxFlash column for further reduction of the contaminants in the MEA solution. This optimizes the process yield to the best possible CO2 product without any use of expensive chemicals.

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